Booth Museum student art show

Each year all the schools in Cartersville (county, city, and private) enter an art show at the Booth Western Art Museum. There is usually a reception on opening night where each family has the opportunity to come and see the artwork. This year they were able to put together a digital flipbook to honor students that were chosen. PLEASE check it out here:  Allatoona is the second school listed in the flipbook.

Starting last year they began giving a Purchase Award per show.  The chosen artwork will be added to the Children’s Gallery collection located in the Booth Museum’s Borderlands Conference Room.  The recipient is also given a prize of $50. The selection is based on excellence in composition, technical skill, execution, and subject matter. The Second Annual Purchase Award was given to our very own fifth grader, Sophia Vasquez-Mungui. Sophia’s art piece is on the front of the flipbook (see link above).  We studied landscape and “painted with yarn”.  She cut and glued each piece of yarn to a piece of cardboard to make her landscape look like a picture.