Mission, Vision, Commitments

Mission Statement

 We collaboratively engage, challenge, and empower all students and staff to succeed.


Vision Statement

Allatoona's vision is to be a result oriented, high achieving school that ensures five-star learning for all students and transitions them to the next level on target for college and career readiness.


Collective Commitments

 In order to fulfill our shared mission and vision, we pledge to honor the following collective commitments.  We will:

  • Identify and teach the essential standards according to the order and timeline of the curriculum maps established by the team.
  • Collaboratively create common formative and summative assessments aligned to the essential standards.  Results will be used to identify and meet the needs of students, as well as improve instructional practices.
  • Provide a safe, secure, and supportive learning environment where we celebrate student and staff achievements.
  • Commit to academic excellence through the collaborative efforts of faculty, staff, students, parents, and Wildcat stakeholders.


Parent/ Community Feedback

Allatoona reviews and revises its Mission Statement each year to ensure that it addresses the current needs of the students and school.  Please click the link above if you wish to provide feedback/ input.